Psychiatry With Soul - Alternative Treatments for Mental and Emotional Distress

Papers & Book Extracts by Maureen B. Roberts, PhD

The realization of the centred Self, achieved with modesty and attentiveness and through a compassionate relationship with the world, blossoms into wisdom and simplicity and bears as fruit unconditional love, which loves itself as much as others, which is freely offered and which knows no bounds. ~ MBR

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Soul in Crisis :

Why Cultural Healing Must Replace the ‘Mental Illness' Fiction

Soul Down Under :

Schizophrenia, Temenos & Cultural Healing [Opening Address at 2002 Soul Down Under National Conference]

Australia's Invisible Religion :

A Parable About Schizophrenia, Divine Madness & Psychiatry's Loss of Soul

Damning Report :

2009 South Australian Mental Health Bill

How Temenos Differs from the Mental Health Industry :

A Practical Vision for Genuine "Mental Health" Reform

Depression :

Soul's Quest for Depth, Meaning & Wholeness

The Therapeutic Trialogue :

Depth Psychotherapy as a Shared Soul Journey

Going & Growing with the Flow :

Awakening the Healing Centre of the Self